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PREP: Prevention Resources & Education for Parents/Caregivers

5 Learning Modules
55 Minutes

Course Description
Parents and caregivers are the most powerful influence in deterring their children from alcohol, nicotine, and other drug use. When parents/caregivers have skills, knowledge, and resources regarding substance use and prevention, their influence on their children’s actions and decisions increases. This program for parents, grandparents, and other caregivers provides information that research shows can reduce the chances that young people will engage in substance use.

Expected Learning Outcomes
The expected learning outcomes of the course are to:

  • Understand what addiction is, why the teen brain is particularly vulnerable to the effects of substances, and what key risk and protective factors exist for use and addiction
  • Identify the different types of substances, their appearance, appeal, and common trends
  • Describe the importance of talking early and often, having clear and consistent rules against substance use and fostering a strong relationship with your children
  • List additional resources for the prevention of youth substance use and support if concerns arise that a teen is using alcohol, nicotine, or other drugs.

For More Information
Contact Caron’s Education Department for more information about this course at 610-743-6117.
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